discernment of our authentic voice


Transpersonal psychotherapy facilitates the process of awakening by enhancing inner awareness and intuition. According to the perennial philosophy the truth lies within, and salvation comes by expanding our inward awareness. To turn attention inward and “self-ward” and become more fully aware of our inner realms is a natural human capacity transpersonal psychotherapy makes full use of. Learning to live directly from an inner center and from one’s internal sense of things is in itself restorative and healing. However, in most of us, this capacity is blunted. To develop intuition and know the intrinsic wisdom of our deeper wellsprings, we must relinquish the dominance of our judging, analyzing mind and shift our attention away from its exclusive focus on the objective world. We must become aware of our interiors. Many, if not most, human beings can access deeper levels of inner wisdom and intuit within themselves whatever they need to make their lives more the way they really want them to be, if they will only turn inward…..Bryan Wittine

oh how sublime this life would be if we could know what we need, when we need it, and then have the courage to make it happen…….maybe a little intention toward this healing is possible….what practices help us? yoga? prayer? meditation? family? art? solitude? service? so many, so many…….

There is a widespread fantasy in our culture that transpersonal development brings unalloyed joy and well-being, a soothing combination of relaxation response and benign bliss. Yet in reality transpersonal development, like all development, has its challenges and difficulties. Distinguishing prepersonal regressions from transpersonal progressions is not always easy. Socrates declared that “our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness provided the madness is given us by divine gift.”……..Roger Walsh

how do we keep it simple?

Perhaps the heart is not just a sort of valentine. More than a way of living, the heart may be a way of experiencing life, the capacity to know a fundamental connection to others and see them whole. When people look at others in this way, the connection they experience makes it a simpler thing to forgive, to have compassion, to serve, and to live. As my patient told me, “When I was able to connect honestly to myself, I found that I was connected to everyone else, too.” The opening of the heart seems to go far beyond love to an experience of belonging which heals our most profound wounds…Rachel Naomi Remen

4 thoughts on “discernment of our authentic voice

  1. To my way of seeing it every healer must begin the session with the question “do you want to be healed” and even if it is followed by a verbalized yes, discernment must be used in understanding the patients true intent. For certain the only way to light the dark universe of another’s mind is the help them learn to shine their own sun within, yet if the patterns that created the darkness within have no will to change, the healer should be aware, for until yes is true desire how can there be healing?

    • my yoga therapy training is teaching me this same essence! discernment first…..empowering inner wisdom…..letting go of outcome…..vulnerability is held in rich awareness for the healing of intention…..wow, g.f.s……this turning toward is as complex as it is bright and true….

  2. how harsh the scars afraid of being reopened, fearful of the light pouring in…………… We worry, protective of our pains, our missing……….we forget the love that allowed us weakness worthy of falling. That which breaks us, heals us…………holds us, loves us new.

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