centering into creative knowing


I walk through all the thoughts of my shadow,

I walk through my shadow in search of a moment.

….Octavio Paz

we shape ourselves like clay pinch pots…..a sweet space to collect feathers…..tapping into or maybe even diving into….no, it’s really immersing ourselves into the intimate connection of experience, memory and contemplation……we make our art (life) from that truth…..

Going to our inner vision and voice take courage. Finding your own vision in art can be a fearful thing even when you are drawn t it as a spiritual idea. We can either shut the door to this part of our self or help it to open and appreciate it. One way to open that door is to cultivate what is called the unconditional witness. There is a part of us that can observe who we are and all we do without judgment. This is so important in artmaking because it accepts us as we are and honors all the images and visions that come out of our imagination. Learning about art from a place of spirit calls us to a challenge, a challenge to look at something so familiar, yet so remote. Still it is so clearly from within ourselves that we often neglect to honor it. Let your self guide you…..Nancy Azara

when we know who we are

A tiny residue of human effort is lasting in art, in all creative endeavors. What makes the difference is deep interest, fascination, love. Love and focus lead to a dedication to nuances and subtleties—the hallmark of truly worthwhile work, work of unusual beauty………Roderick MacIver

One thought on “centering into creative knowing

  1. We become the answer we’ve been seeking, don’t we? We fill our cup to overflowing, and only in the loosing do we understand the rapture in letting go, in the allowance of more than we had planned. ❤

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