the texture of translucence

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Love life


pale lights

markets medley

of green lettuce,

red cherries,

golden grapes, and

purple eggplants-

all so extraordinary!


You get excited,

you talk to people

and people talk

to you,

you touch

and they touch you.

All this is magical,

like some



….Eugene Jonesco

noticing….living small so that big imagination sneaks in with a reminder that all is not squandered and miracles are tender and green……be here……

Standing in the garden,

left hand laden

with ripe strawberries. The sun

beams off the glassy

backs of flies. Three

birds in the birch tree.

They must have been there

all year.

My mother, my grandmother,

stood like this

in their gardens.

I am 43.

This year I have planted my feet

on this ground

and am practicing

growing up out of my legs

like a tree.

….Linda Lancione Moyer

cherishing simple joy

Why is it so hard for us to be joyful? Is it the pressures of life which give s no relief, or the suffering of the innocents, or the rampant injustice in the world? Is it perhaps the fact that we don’t like ourselves very much and always feel guilty? Or is it the fear that seizes us when we think of tomorrow? Julian of Norwich, a 14th century English mystic, speaks across the ages, “The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” That is the secret in a nutshell. Behold the Divine Joy in the good and the bad, the just and the unjust, the pat and the future, the magnificent moment and the tawdry one. Give yourself permission to be dizzy with joy and thankful for all the blessings which abound in your days…….Frederic & Mary Ann Brassat

3 thoughts on “the texture of translucence

  1. It has to be a learned behavior. To be joyful is as easy, if not more so, than sullenness, or sadness, yet we live in a state of mind so much lower in vibration than we truly deserve. Living is only as hard as the magnitude of our desires. Sadness overtook the plains Indians when the bison did not return, yet joy filled their lives when they came … What we wait for, what we desire should be for joy to come again today, every day at least a moment of joy !

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