the exhilaration of soft living


I consider everything we experience as an opportunity for enlightenment. To enlighten is “to put light into, make luminous, to remove dimness or blindness, to supply with intellectual light, to impart blindness, to supply with intellectual light, to impart knowledge or wisdom, to instruct, inform, remove one’s ignorance of something, to revive, exhilarate.” It’s a good thing to have happen to you, enlightenment is. Scott Peck, psychiatrist and author, says, “We cannot lose once we realize that everything that happens to us has been designed to teach us holiness.” I welcome what I feel in my body, be it illness, pain, or pleasure, because I am sure to end upknowing something unknown to me before. By welcoming the unexpected, you learn to see the treasures in all you encounter- in your body, in your illness and wellness, in your life……Rita Justice

mirrors of our soul shine in the mundane, in-between spaces……these jewels get brighter with authentic experience, dark shadows reflecting, and connection to each other……making the choice to live…..

One tale is about how the person’s shadow lives a life of its own. Each night, when one lies down to sleep, the shadow departs, going out to explore the world it is not free to explore during the day. The shadow may become quite intrigued by the large and strange world, and be reluctant to return home at daybreak. So it is necessary for the person, early in the morning, to hum the shadow home. Each person has a song that only its shadow will recognize, and the shadow comes home, the person is not whole, is not all together. It is like the person who got up on the wrong side of the bed- part of him is still missing. Humming the shadow home is necessary for harmony, for inner unity…..Mary Jose Hobday

a full breath

Living never wore out one so much as the effort not to live.

…Anais Nin

3 thoughts on “the exhilaration of soft living

  1. Some days I wake with a song in my mind that follows me all the way through breakfast at least … I am certain now that it is humming my shadow home to me …

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