pulse of living without doing


Of all religions, perhaps Taoism understands best the appeal of simple pleasures and their dual role as sweeper of cobwebs and bringer of enchantment. According to the Tao Ti Ching, the key to human happiness lies in wu-wei, or “actionless action”- a paradoxical expression that closely echoes the “passive activity” we seek in our morning sitting. To practice we-wei is to live in harmony with the ebb and flow of reality, to be one with the Tao, the fathomless, transcendent, immanent, eternal, undefinable heart of all being. And how does one practice wu-wei? In part, through simple pleasures. Simple pleasures offer a sanitarium for the soul, a resting place for refreshment and renewal……Philip Zaleski & Paul Kaufman

to feel the strong beat of our heart, we thin the veil between skin and spirit…..reflecting in and out and in and out through the slow rhythm of the details in our lives….connecting us to the great web…..

Give me a blue sky over my head, and the green turf beneath my feet, a winding road before me, and a three hours’ march to dinner. I laugh, I run, I leap, I sing for joy. From the point of yonder rolling cloud, I plunge into my past being, and revel there, as the sun-burnt Indian plunges headlong into the wave that wafts him to his native shore. Then long-forgotten things, like “sunken wrack and sumless treasuries,” burst upon my eager sight, and I begin to feel, think, and be myself again. Mine is that undisturbed silence of the heart which alone is perfect eloquence……William Hazlitt

the tug & ache of being alive

It’s about building your life where you are. It’s about at last using the tablecloth you bought on that trip to Florida, the one that said ignore the winter cold, take me, the one you’ve never used no matter how much you love it, the color saying summersummersummer ocean beach heat. It’s new shoes and old shoes and pink rainboots that keep your feet dry when the creek overflows and you are knee-high in water fast flooding your yard. Even the almost annual flooding becomes magic. An adventure. Will the house flood or won’t it? No matter. Watching the creek rise brings a smile to your face. Mother Nature kicking up her heels…….D. Smith Kaich Jones

4 thoughts on “pulse of living without doing

  1. Watching in amazement at all the glories of nature. Shall we define them as beauty or destruction? Or are we defining the effect on our world … I sit in silence and give thanks for all, being is magic beyond words … And life ! Oh, heaven, what charms of yours could compare?

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