the accidental warrior

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Ideals are the source of our courage and integrity because they become our personal soul standards. The fact that it is our personal internal standard is what makes it so powerful. Remember, the journey from the unintegrated personality to the soul-infused personality is a path to our core Self, leading to a deep abiding faith in our own inner wisdom. The more we are guided by our intuitive soul nature, the more constructive and the more powerful are the results we create in any area of our life……Susan Wisehart

this abundant and wild life calls for a transmutation at times….a recognition of doubt and and unexpected illusions……when fear arrives, may the lillies bloom in the night, shining light…..

By shifting your perspective and being able to stay centered in non-dualistic reality even as you navigate ordinary reality and take actions to draw forth more good and justice in the real world- you can be a powerful force of change, a peaceful warrior of light, helping bring about transformations that pull you and all of us further forward on the path of progress. Your transcendent experiences and perception of non-duality actually empower you and make you more effective when you choose to work to effect change in everyday, ordinary reality- and this is a very good thing for you and for everyone else…..Edward Mannix

make me believe

There is an uncanny symmetry between the inner and outer world. Each person is the sole inhabitant of their own inner world; no-one else can get in there to configure how things are seen. Each of us is responsible for how we see, and how we see determines what we see…..John O’Donohue

4 thoughts on “the accidental warrior

    • we interpret much less and inhabit more when we deeply engage with the intuitive heart……so many tools we can call on to dive us in…….may we listen g.f.s……

  1. We are forever returning to the light where we began….a smaller hand, a sweeter voice. Those who love us remain a part of us, long past the telling, the keeping, the holding. Our truth reaches deeper than our sorrow. Love is only ever our choice to receive. ❤ I love this, blue.

    • I speak often of “receiving”… we simply volley ideas and hurts and joys if we are not living from within…..I know you know to come home dear friend again and again……

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