what the body knows

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Next time you begin to feel some very powerful emotion, see if you can hear the viewpoint that your mind created about it- without judgment, hesitation, or denial. You might need to write it down. Otherwise, it may seem too chaotic. Once you come in contact with the story or view or conclusion which underlies a particular emotion, then you can invite yourself to experience the same thing without the story. Don’t worry: the story will be there if you want to go back to it. Through inquiring in this way, your body begins to feel the difference between a raw, pure emotion and an emotion that’s old, deep-rooted, and maintained through a story……..Adyashanti

observing, considering, drifting, settling, grounding, enlightening, enriching, internalizing……all to underscore the beingness of the body……..grow in and send out…..

Seeing is about looking. How we look reflects how we see life and how we feel. I come from a long line of Blemish players. A Blemish player is someone who has mastered the art of seeing a flaw in everything. Blemish players see what is wrong in life, not what’s right. It’s a guaranteed system for feeling disappointed. The soul and body are deprived of the experience of joy and delight that comes from unconditional acceptance of what is……Rita Justice

don’t forget how skin renews

The moment you settle down to some fixed view of things,

decay is already setting in.

….Katsuki Sekida

4 thoughts on “what the body knows

  1. Immersion in 3D space brings on a perceived separation, an almost real drowning of the spirit in sense … What is a soul to do, but stand aside and listen to the silence of the heart, the breath, and know love made the choice to come, and teaches us to hear the music through the noise …

    • this coming back to love is the setting point……the place to reboot into and away from our story……anything else is confusing at best, heartbreaking and fear inducing…..may we live in our truth g.f.s……

  2. The Blemish players are a two sided coin: The people who see the possibilities of improving something are the same people who are never happy with what is, because nothing is perfect. The trick is knowing when to accept and when to try to change.

    • a trick indeed Eileen……resisting the dawn/dusk we never know where/why we are here…..maybe this is why we love sunrise/sunsets……in between……

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