to dissipate our intensities

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We judge our experiences right away as situations we like or don’t like, or people as being for or against us, or ideas as being ones we can embrace or fear. But one of the greatest steps we can make on the spiritual path is to learn to stop before we judge experience and give it a chance to tell us something about reality- to impart news about ourselves, about the seeds we have sown, about the changes we can make, about the nature of life. If we can intercept the reactive nature of the mind and the habitual defensiveness of the heart, then we will find ourselves in a  world that never runs out of messages…..Elizabeth Lesser

our little miseries shine when we let go of our exchanges with the world……and when we engage with a fierce wholeness, our afflictive emotions ease their grip, and we find curiosity once again……

Work of the eyes is done,

now go and do heart-work.


non-conceptual & wide-open

Like a flickering star, a mirage or a flame,

Like a magical illusion, a dewdrop, or a bubble on a stream,

Like a dream, a flash of lightning, or a cloud

See all compounded things as being like these.


4 thoughts on “to dissipate our intensities

  1. What we perceive as difficulty is only the clinging to what we perceive as defining us … Like the death grip of the drowning man, it seems impossible to release for all will be lost. Our rescue is not the buoy sent to support us, we save ourselves with the calmness the realization of the renewed life that it brings …

    • I am well. And I am not well. No matter. Indeed, it is the grasping at one side that waylays the balance. Suchness, an indescribable fluidity holds all……

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