our intention to open

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One day the hero

sits down,

afraid to take

another step,

and the old interior angel

slowly limps in

with her no-nonsense


and her old secret

and goes ahead.


you say

and follow.

…David Whyte

so scared on the way toward life’s culmination….that which we feel but cannot name…..conceptual knowing cannot capture reality….we have to simply live and walk into the fire…….

The opening of the heart is a liberation from the limitations of fear. Opening the heart dissolves the wall between our self and others and dissolves the wall between our self and the sacred. In peace, we disarm. In strength, we have no need for props or positions. In goodness, we have no need to harm. Our only needs are to grow in clarity and to grow in generosity. Defenselessness is a beautiful state of being, one which we would do well to intend for ourselves and to wish for all others. Opening our heart, life becomes not so much about difficulty, although difficulties may certainly still arise for us. We simply, with an open heart, hold everything more lightly. We hold everything, in healer Barbara Brennan’s beautiful phrase, “only lightly dusted with form.”……Kathleen Dowling Singh

engaging in mystery

Hold me against the dark: I am afraid.

Circle me with your arms. I am made

So tiny and my atoms so unstable

That at any moment I may explode. I am unable

To contain myself in unity. My outlines shiver

With the shock of living.

…Madeleine L’Engle

2 thoughts on “our intention to open

  1. Shall we dissolve in space and time? Is there a fleeting moment where we may know the vast emptiness between our particles of matter, and merge back into the void? Consciousness is awareness of emptiness as much as it is of fullness. This life is a point in space we consider whole yet looking up at the Milky Way should tell us otherwise …

    • like dreams of falling…..there is something so sweet in the fear…..we don’t need to know afterall…..the poets grace us with the pleasures of dissolution….

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