when to listen, when to wait


Experiencing the power of faith doesn’t mean we’ve annihilated fear or denied it or overcome it through strenuous effort. It means that when we think we’ve conquered fear only to be once again overcome by ti, we can still go on. It means feeling our fear and still remaining in touch with our heart, so that fear does no define our entire world. As we open to what is actually happening in any given moment, we become increasingly aware of our lives as one small part of a vast fabric made of an evanescent, fleeting, shimmering pattern of turnings. Letting go of the futile battle to control, we can find ourselves rewoven into the pattern of wholeness, into the immensity of life, always happening. Even as we fall, fall endlessly, with faith we are held as we open to each moment……..Sharon Salzberg

what impression does faith leave behind?……when we resist, can we remember to relax and wait?….how can we care for this moment, only this one?…..what belief is holding us back from our natural rhythm, our natural faith?

If you feel trapped or stuck about some situation, sometimes it’s useful to take a leap out of your ordinary way of figuring things out and ask the question to a bigger field than just your everyday mind. For example, you may try asking something outside of yourself for counsel, such as an old tree, an ancient stone, or the earth itself. Sometimes having a dialogue like this- imagining what this older, wiser being may say from its centuries-old perspective- can offer us a new standpoint on our situation. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable like this, you create the space for a different form of assistance or information to enter…..Mark Coleman

illuminating our habitat

Most of us live in this paradox: we are trailing glimpses of insight, knowing why we are here, and not knowing. We both remember and forget. We are imbued with wonder, and sometimes consumed with loss, from childhood on; we pursue our purpose in a thousand ways………Christina Baldwin

3 thoughts on “when to listen, when to wait

  1. It seems we are always trailing behind the present… Never quite catching up to the present, stuck in groove of vibration like an LP that has ended but never had the tone arm lifted. How do we advance just beyond that moment to be present in experience … A leap of faith! And the knowledge that fear is only for or protection and a guide to get from there to here …

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