behind what art says


Yet when I stop,

it appears to me briefly

that life is just a dance

around a still point, which

knowing is a joy and

refusing is a burden.

….Mark Nepo

 attention~ reflection~ intention~ consideration~ recollection~ transformation~

Transformation is something that you grow into. As your path deepens over time, a reciprocal interaction takes place between your inner subjective experiences of contemplation and self-inquiry and your more outward practices and actions. The inner and the outer reinforce one another, helping you integrate transformative realizations into daily life. As you become an active participant in the transformative process and your own evolution, the separation between your practice and the rest of your life begins to dissolve. You start to see your own transformative journey in the context of the transformation of your community, and of the world. You may experience a greater sense of belonging and greater capacity for compassion. It is also possible that you will experience a call to service. And more and more often, you may have a sense of deep love- of the sacred, of the mystery and beauty that permeates event he simplest moments……Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

real daydreaming

A tiny residue of human effort is lasting in art, in all creative endeavors. What makes the difference is deep interest, fascination, love. Love and focus lead to a dedication to nuances and subtleties—the hallmark of truly worthwhile work, work of unusual beauty……Roderick MacIver

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