spacious lullabies

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It is an attitude of life, a way of relating to all phenomena, whether of the world outside or of the world within. To contemplate is to look at- and at the same time to reflect upon that which we see, with feeling as well as thought. There is no true contemplation without both detachment and involvement. Truly to look at and to see objectively, and to experience something in its wholeness, takes a very high level of awareness. To put it another way: When we begin to contemplate, we are seeking to discern that which Jung called the Self, at the center of our lives, in place of the ego……Helen Luke

these simple truths balance between light and heavy, between deep and wide, between stars and night, between feather and rock, between heart and mind……

If you have the privilege of being with a person who is conscious at the time of his or her death, you find the questions such a person asks are very simple; “Did I love well?”, “Did I live fully?”, “Did I learn to let go?” These simple questions go to the very center of spiritual life. When we consider loving well and living fully, we can see the ways our attachments and fears have limited us, and we can see the many opportunities for our hearts to open. Have we let ourselves love the people around us, our family, our community, the earth upon which we live? And, did we also learn to let go? Did we learn to live through the changes of life with grace, wisdom, and compassion? Have we learned to shift from the clinging mind to the joy of freedom?….Jack Kornfield

whispering to spirit

Experience is a river that never stops coming. Often, to survive experience and unlock its meaning, we need to empty ourselves so as not to become burdened and clogged. This need to unclog ourselves is something all beings have faced, and each culture has initiated its own form of practice to keep the inner pipes clean. In human terms, this means keeping current, as Angeles Arrien says. It means we must keep emptying conclusions, judgments, and preconceptions in order to meet whatever comes our way freshly. If we don’t empty and stay current, our heart can become thick and less vital, a narrow version of itself….Mark Nepo

4 thoughts on “spacious lullabies

  1. Yet some cultures take advantage of our longing for fullness, lack off insight to the burdens we assume have to be carried. Believing if life if not heavy, not full of woe, or joy, things, people, emotion, thought, then we believe we are not whole, not fully alive. When letting go, releasing allows us to be alive, to understand the light-ness of being, our destiny written in the tea leaves at the bottom of the nearly empty cup …

    • why do we not allow room for joy? how can it be that life should be anything than what we love? not good or bad, just here……

  2. Emptying judgments and preconceptions……………thanks for the reminder…..I need to recognize some that are currently in play and make a list.

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