wired to contract & expand


The primary task of any good spiritual teaching

is not to answer your questions,

but question your answers.


calling for attention…..our real lives, our incessant busyness, our need to listen, our need to hear……so lost in all that openness……

There is a profound insight that can occur the moment there is a break in the continuation of self grasping. This insight is the direct seeing of the truth, the way things are, the great emptiness. To believe in the oneness of all things is perhaps the best belief we can have, if we are looking for a belief. But belief itself is still conceptual knowledge, and with that one is still bout to the egoic mind. Sooner or later we have to go beyond that belief to directly experience the oneness, the ultimate truth. They are no longer abstract ideas; they become quite real in our personal experience- like tasting honey or listening to pleasant music. It is the source from which all things arise, and the home into which all things dissolve. It is intrinsically holy in itself, not in a dualistic sense, not holy versus unholy, but holy because it is perfect as it is…….Anam Thubten

difficult feelings

We tend to be attached to our beliefs since they define who we think we are. Losing them can be both liberating and deeply unsettling. I have always been struck by how important what we believe is to religious people. “Do you believe in God?” never struck me as the right question. Inquiring into who or what is aware of a belief is much more fruitful. If you are going to question your beliefs, it is important that you really want to know the truth. This may not always be the case; often we are more interested in safety, comfort, or pleasure. Your willingness to explore will directly impact the depth of your discovery. Your inquiry is most potent when it is full-hearted…..John Prendergast


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