what needs to be planted?

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Begin this week as you begin everything: by sending out waves of intention. What is your intention for this week of creating space? Standing where you are right now, you aren’t sure how this week will unfold, or how you’ll feel, or if you can even do it. That’s okay. Just set your intention to create space for your beautiful life. See that- beautiful, fresh, open space. Then take a deep breath. Exhale. And listen…..Janet Conner

can we create names for each phase of our life? like colorful prayer flags, singing to the wind…….

There, where clinging to things ends,

is where God begins to b.

If a cask is to contain wine,

you must first pour out the water.

The cask must be bare and empty.

Therefore, if you wish to receive divine joy and God,

first pour out your clinging to things.

Everything is to receive must and ought to be


….Meister Echhart

where the mystics live

Awake, my dear.

Be kind to your sleeping heart.

Take it out into the vast fields of Light

And let it breathe.



Give me back my wings.

Lift me,

Lift me nearer.”


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