to imagine essence into life


An artist works because he must. But he learns by the disciplines of his imagination. Through moments of ecstasy or great despair, when all thoughts of self are lost, a work seems to evolve which has not only the vivid uniqueness of a new creation, but also the seeming effortlessness and unalterable simplicity of a true idea relating to the universe.~Barbara Hepworth

to bring art to the beating heart is like drumming into the darkest night… stars… strong center….only the wind and the intuitive sense of raw truth………this is the way of art and life……

Gradually, in silence, a kind of door opens for me in my mind. How can I describe this for you? When I am in that space, I often think, What does it sound like, look like, this same space- also described in meditation- which is between thoughts, a place between thought and thought? Sometimes it comes up in an image with the form of myself standing at the edge of a high stone cliff looking out over to the edge of the stone cliff next to it. Between the tow cliffs is a chasm, narrow yet endlessly deep. this narrow place functions as an ellipsis does in a sentence, as a kind of pause between one thought and the next. In that pause dwell my personal shapes and forms that inspire me to grapple with he questions that hover around essence. Skill is important but without heart, are is lifeless. It’s like one of those oranges that is so lovely and beautiful on the outside, but has nothing inside- no sweet fruit, no juice. No spirit to take form.~Nancy Azara

initiation on the heart path

I walk through all the thoughts of my shadow,

I walk through my shadow in search of a moment.

~Octavio Paz

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