service to soul

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By becoming more conscious of soul as witness of both inner and outer experience, the awareness that registers sensations, emotions and thoughts but is not identical with any of these, we gradually become aware of self as soul. When we turn attention to inquiring into the nature of soul as witness, we may find that a self-concept is not a discrete, separate entity or substance that can be lost, but a way of seeing that, when awakened, is aware of its source as Spirit. Conflicting beliefs or assertions about the soul that are found both within and among the traditions need not interfere with the process of awakening. If we listen to their teachings as metaphors expressing different aspects of human experience, we can accept the cultural differences and find those that can be most helpful to our new awakening of soul. ~Frances Vaughan

there are no words for soul are there? and yet transformation where soul and body meet…… do we tuck in to the connection? to the real and raw ceremony of this living, breathing humanness? is that soul?

You would not find out the boundaries of the soul,

even by traveling along every path;

so deep a measure does it have.


a few synchronicities

The maxim “you create your own reality” is the backbone of human consciousness. It’s an essential realization to bring into every aspect of your life. Let me make clear, however, that “create your own reality” is not the simplistic desire to make things go your way; it’s not a Pollyanna-ish view that sugar-coats events. We each choose to participate in the greater reality that the heavens have created and, we each have the power to choose how to respond to every situation in which we find ourselves. How you influence and shape your reality is overseen by your sixth chakra, the center of your mental energy. In this power point, the center of your mental energy. In this power point, your mind and spirit come together; all of your beliefs, fears, hopes, attitudes, memories, talents, and intellectual skills negotiate multiple planes of reality and perception. ~Carolyn Myss

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