you know how to listen

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I once worked in a restaurant where a Dutch Masters cigar box sat above the coffee machine. It had been there for years, a catchall for earrings and lost keys. I looked at it every day. On a side panel was a drawing of six men in pilgrim clothing, the brand’s logo. One of them- the fellow seated behind the others- lacked a hat. In response, somebody had drawn him one. The improvised hat appeared as spare and inexact as a constellation, but you could no longer say the man had been overlooked. I suppose this doffing might be regarded as the neurotic imposition of a conformist, but I sense that a more tender sentiment inspired the gesture: it seemed to me the blessing of a person back into community. I’ve been thinking about community lately. I refer to that existential sense of belonging that simply reveals itself and then passes on. For its brief duration the awareness travels right along with you as intimately as light around your shadow on water.

Have you ever watched deeply spiritual people order coffee or shell  a bowl of nuts? Their attentive kindness never leaves the moment: their smile accompanies the waitress all the way into her departure; their fingers, without sentimentality, let the shell fall into the bowl as if it were a flower that could bless a grave. To witness such presence can awaken our longing for a generosity half hidden in the tangle of lesser impulses. Go ahead, it seems to say, put constellations on all the hatless places. ~ John Landretti

may we take care to own our blurry values….to listen in between their loose reins…..may we know how to care and to unburden each other……

When you drop the image of your body and just sense it as it is, it feels less defined- more like a diffuse cloud than a solid object. In this way it is similar to a thought passing through the sky of awareness. It is harder to sense its borders when your eyes are closed. This spaciousness can be a little disorienting to your sense of self, since your body serves as a kind of ground for your personal identity. You may also feel bored by the lace of visual stimulation, get lost in your thoughts, or tend to doze off while focusing on it. If you stay with this sense of inner space, however, it will deepen and expand. You will realize that your body is like a huge cathedral filled with space. ~John Prendergrast

what truth is

On the soft silk of a blossom,The white dawn of love wrote,

O you, always lovely as a flower,

I love you, I love you.

On the sands of a calm sea,

With the pen of kindness and the ink of tenderness,

In a special and secret language, it wrote again,

O you who have turned into a mythical bird

and live in a legendary mountain,

I love you, I love you.

The sand fled suddenly as the breeze appeared,

A flower dropped from a branch,

the gust made a wailing sound.

And a bird began to sing:

As long as I exist, everywhere and at al times,

No matter where you are,

I remain the dust of your lane,

Because you know,

I love you, I love you.

~Ali Asghar Mazhari

2 thoughts on “you know how to listen

    • marking a disconnection or a need to shun convention……but I like the idea of bringing him back in with his own hat…….I want with feathers and a little disheveled……

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