principles of outlaw insight


What takes a lifetime to learn is the existence and substance of myriad relationships, it is these relationships, not the things themselves, that ultimately hold the human imagination. ~Barry Lopez

a warm light seeps into our view, and suddenly we remember that we belong here……we notice and listen and become…….may we see the world as if the for the first time……

Set aside the learned ways of perceiving the world as dead matter for your use and see if you can recover again your actual perception of the world as a community of beings to whom you are meaningfully related. ~Erazim Kobak

to limit faith

We live in an interdependent world, with every single life in relationship with many other lives, many Others. The field of relations that constitute a human life is endless, and perhaps best described as everything we directly experience. Yet this merely describes our local set of relations. And still, this recognition is much beyond our common conception of relationship. We commonly think of relationships in terms of other humans, drastically narrowing the potential field of relations. Consequently, we do not readily see the ways in which the world is woven together, the ways in which one thing influences another, the ways in which we are held within rich webs of more than human relationships. This, then, is why our environmental crisis is essentially a crisis of perception. The fragmented conditions of our world reflect our forgetful blindness, our rears tuned to the human conversation, our eyes tending toward the human creation. But the vaster intelligence of the world is calling on us to hear and truly see the Others. We are being asked to foster a relational way of seeing, to read the signs, to recognize the patterns, and to feel the pulses threading through us. From a relational perspective we begin to recognize the many ways in which we are inescapably woven into the world, our actions rippling through webs of relations. ~Laura Sewall

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