create new boundaries

a winsome light

a winsome light


The experience of doing anything well~

from the minor scale to the Hammerklavier Sonata~

is an irreplaceable event of the spirit.

~Robert Grudin

being conscious of what we want to put out into the world creates our matrix for soul living……authentic and powerful and real……..then we play…….

What I want to see is the demise of fundamentalism in favor of pragmatism. By fundamentalism I mean any philosophy that thinks it has the final and unique answer, that believes that there is one essential plan underlying the workings of the universe, and that seeks to make sure everyone else gets persuaded to fall in line with it. By pragmatism I mean improvisation: the belief that there are many approaches, that whatever works in the light of our present knowledge is a good course of action, and that what is the best course of action for us, here and now, might not be for someone else, there or then. I want to see societies who know how to improvise, who can throw together a social mode (tuxedo and black Thai) just for the evening, who can move fluently and easily between different social and personal vocabularies as the situation changes, who don’t feel lost without the religious reassurance of “thisism” and “thatism.” I see these people as hunter-gatherers in the great flux of the world’s cultures, enjoying a rich diet of ideas and techniques and styles, creating their own special mixes. This kind of improvisational flexibility entails a continuous questioning of boundaries and categories, a refusal to accept that names necessarily fit accurately onto what is being named. When languages are developing and changing as rapidly as they do now, and everyone is a rap artist, you need all the voices you can get. ~Brian Eno

the muddy road

Without conclusion, I think it’s safe to say many valves are opening and closing within the quantum field of our hearts.  As one opens, an object that has caused us so much pain falls through, realizing we don’t actually need it anymore.  When it closes, we may find ourselves reaching for it once again, like a panicked junky watching drugs flush down the drain.  Another opens, and something we no longer value falls out and we either throw it in the trash or give it away.  It closes, and then we find ourselves in the trash once again.  This is how we work isn’t it?  We try to let go of what we no longer need in our lives, yet we keep finding ourselves back in it or around it, completely taken and confused of how we got back here.

Venus is connection.  Period.  Not just to other humans, but to everything. If you are not being fed by the connection, if we aren’t in right relationship with it, then it is time. It’s time to be set free. This is what the prayer is for. Venus will be listening.  So set your intentions wisely. Breathe with care. And patiently wait for what’s coming. ~Adam Sommer

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