to discover our true self

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Many sensations may be noted as awareness deepens. When we get messages from the body, we just listen to them. It’s best not to move about, noticing the urge to move, the urge to escape discomfort; allow the body to just sit. The stiller the body, the stiller the mind. When we’re tending to sensation, either with each breath or as feelings in the body, we’re not at the level where words are produced. We’re breaking the internal dialogue, the constant comment of mind, breaking through that place where thinking occurs and directly experiencing the process. It is this kind of direct experience which opens the intuition and insight of the wisdom mind, which brings the mind face to face with itself. ~Stephen Levine

our own experience allows all that we know to come alive, to heal, to surrender, to trust…..find the silence that whispers long and deep and slow……then we shift into our animal body, an emergence from within….

We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can; everything, even the unheard of, must be possible in it. This is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable. ~Rilke

like the night in dreams

What is required of you is not perfection but completeness.

~Carl Jung

4 thoughts on “to discover our true self

  1. Carl Jung has been my source of many insights and new ways of understanding myself, human nature and God. I think we are saying the same thing when I say life is not about perfection, but about wholeness. I figure each of us was born with different combinations of genes/DNA, natural gifts, parents, siblings etc. etc. so each of us has a different potential and all we are called to be is the person we were created to be with our unique combination of potential and challenges in developing it. That would be completion and wholeness or holiness. And getting free of parental, cultural and religious limitations to begin being that person would as Rilke wrote take having the courage to believe in our way of being and to fulfill it no matter how foreign it is to our programmed attitudes and impossible for us. Another strong, related and freeing collection of quotes.Thank you again for finding and sharing so much wisdom.

  2. I have to agree with Eileen’s insights. Our purpose regardless of the forces that combined to deliver us into this realm, is to just be, to create in the light of true love, not an interpretation we have learned from outside, but through the upwelling love known only through the heart … Sell your cleverness and purchase humility … Rumi

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