the deep quiet of knowing


Someone once said “believing is seeing.” We each have the capacity to connect to the great, limitless, energetic flow of wellness within the cosmos. Bringing our thoughtful presence and open-armed embrace to this flowing ocean of energy around and within us is an act of self love. When we hold onto the belief that we are all made from the stuff of stars, something starts to shift in our subconscious.This is not just a physical experience, it’s one that nourishes and lights the soul. I wish great blessings to each of you.

~Shushann Movsessian

finding the ways we can enlist our strengths to remind us how to sift through our grievances with ourselves and others….where silence meets the war of the mind….where radical presence can make us fearless…….

If you are afraid of your solitude, or if you only meet your solitude with entrenches or impoverished thought, you will never enter your own depth. It is a great point of growth in your life when you allow what is luminous within to awaken you. This may be the first time that you actually see yourself as you are. The mystery of your presence can never be reduced to your role, actions, ego, or image. You are an eternal essence; this is the ancient reason why you are here. To begin to get a glimpse of this essence is to come into harmony with your destiny and with the providence that always minds your days and ways. This process of self-discovery is not easy; it may involve suffering, doubt, dismay. But we must not shrink from the fullness of our being in attempting to reduce pain.

~ John O’Donohue

love to love

Let me describe this process of change. When we acknowledge and befriend powerful feelings, these previously hidden demons have less power over us. What results is space for inner quiet. From the quietness, we can make healthier choices about our actions. From choice comes freedom. From freedom comes wholeness. The real hope that we have of positively affecting our lives and our relationships is the process of working with the blocks that prevent us from being in the flow of this very moment. When we do, a magical thing happens. We live in the center of the greatest strength of all: the love that holds the Universe together and that fills our hearts. ~Judith Lassater

2 thoughts on “the deep quiet of knowing

  1. It is difficult to overcome the inertia of the flesh. The incarnate soul lies wrapped in the repetitive injury of acculturation, and the manic responses learned over years of socialization and marketing., whether literature, music, or film and television … The lump in the throat that should speak out, gets lost in the piles of bills, and the constantly re-enforce desire to breed … Slowly we weave an escape, or we die trying …

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