only the silent heartbeat


Before we can surrender ourselves we must become ourselves.

For no one can give up what he does not possess.

~Thomas Merton

we live so that we may know this life…..we live so that we may hold each other in grace……we live so that we may be still long enough to hear true wholeness……

As our inner silence grows, we begin to recognize, as did Annie Dillard, the American poet and contemplative, that “silence is all there is.” Martin Laird speaks of “the silent land of our own being” and the deep call of that silence. Out of that silence arise essential words- kind words, wise words. We need to rest in formless awareness in order to function in form without getting lost in it, to use functioning in form well and wisely. In the same way, we need to rest in silence for these essential words of kindness and wisdom to be uttered in our own minds and in the world and to one another. In inner silence, we remain in communion and in remembrance. As we deepen our stability in inner silence, distractions no longer enchant us. We hold ourselves open inwardly, both to receive and to share. We hold ourselves as space, silent and still. Rodney Smith, a brilliant Dharma teacher, points out that the spiritual journey could be described as the movement from noise to silence. There is an emergence of the “still small voice within.” The state of natural great peace is uncovered as selfing’s obscurations thin. This allows for the emergence of illuminated insight or wisdom. ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

ineffable quietude

At any moment the heart can open.

At any moment the karmic structure

can by completely overcome

by the willingness of the soul.

~Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton

2 thoughts on “only the silent heartbeat

  1. In Genesis its states God said “Let there be light” … Was there anything else created ? Or was everything else made of it, through separation – light and darkness, the firmament and the waters … Are we not light yet only see our reflection …

    • maybe stillness and light are layered… the heart and the soul……like the skin and the bones………reflection as layers of being……oh, a poem here g.f.s……

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