follow the breeze into the storm

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While vulnerability is the birthplace of many of the fulfilling experiences we long for – love, belonging, joy, creativity, and trust, to name a few – the process of regaining our emotional footing in the midst of struggle is where our courage is tested and our values are forged. Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness in our lives; it’s the process that teaches us the most about who we are. ~Brene Brown

what motivates us to be aligned with values, wisdom, integrity? who’s heart knows? where is the summer breeze going after it’s been here for so long?

When we see the secret beauty of anyone, including ourselves, we see past our judgment and fear into the core of who we truly are- not an entrapped self but the radiance of goodness. As our trust in our basic goodness deepens, we are able to express our love and creativity more fully in the world. Rather than second-guessing ourselves, rather than being paralyzed by self-doubt, we can honor and respond to the promptings that arise from that goodness. In a similar way, when we trust the goodness in others, we become a mirror to help them trust themselves. When we are not consumed by blaming and turning on ourselves or others, we are free to cultivate our talents and gifts together, to contribute them to the world in service. We are free to love each other, and the whole of life, without holding back. ~Tara Brach

our rural hearts

There is no substantiality in any one thing. You do not have a nature separate from any river or any material conditions. When we shift our patterns of perception, we shift our patterns of behavior. this shift in seeing helps us get unstuck. Nothing has a solid sense, everything is temporary, and all life is interrelational. All aspects and elements of life have these qualities. We are all attenuated and massaged not just by free independent will but through the cocreation of everything and everyone. this is vast interconnectedness. Like a pearl rolling on  a tray, our job is to keep up with how we feel and express ourselves when the time is right: sudden, ready, uninhibited. Humanity is like the flora and fauna of the natural world, and we need to slow down and pay attention so that we don’t continually forget the responsibilities that come from being part of such a vast community. Nobody can act on his or her own behalf. the world is too deeply interconnected for any of us to continue full speed ahead with any egoic desires in mind. I find great comfort in knowing that we are never alone. ~Michael Stone


2 thoughts on “follow the breeze into the storm

  1. I was just reminded that when we view the solid and we view empty space we at looking at the same thing yet in one we perceive wholeness and the other emptiness … What difference is there …

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