poetics of an authentic voice

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It happens most frequently on ordinary days
Days when I leave dirty dishes in the sink
Ignore the unmade bed
Step over yesterday’s clothes on the floor
Because I cannot stop moving my pen on the page
Can barely keep up
Words spilling out from some secret source

And when I notice the sun headed for the western horizon
I pause and gasp a little, my breath catching in surprise
Sometimes I go down on my knees
Right there on the crumb-covered carpet
Offering my gritty gratitude
Bewildered by the magic
Flooded with awe

I never take it for granted-
Those moments when what I love carries me
I know it for the grace it is
I cannot make it happen
But I can let it take me when it comes
Give myself over without reservation

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I will not stick one word next to the other like graves as all the dead poets did. I want to see the words floating in the white lake of the page like scattered ashes. ~M.W. Miner

it’s time to write….to go deep into the changing seasons and reveal the next layer….to unwrap oh so lovingly…..may the wee hours find us in creative fire……..

What does it mean to write and live authentically? I think there are many parts to authentic living and writing, but the crux of them both is the ability to stand in your own body. Simply standing up and standing in are not the same thing. We experience shifts in perception through our skin. We feel a new awareness, and then we can store it in our minds for future reference. It simply doesn’t work the other way around. We can’t think it before we feel it. Stand in your body. Speak with your voice. At first, you may feel awkward standing properly, completely on the earth. At first, you may only be able to croak our a few words or phrases through the pen that are authentically you. You cultivate your voice over the course of your life, just like you cultivate the other aspects of a balanced life. You learn what you most need to say as you engage in a deeper relationship with yourself, which is the source of all your creativity. ~Laraine Herrring

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