to stumble


The definition of ground is “the solid surface of the earth.” To ground means “to supply with basic and essential information.” If you are not aware of your body, the connection to the earth beneath you is very tentative. You are missing essential information, like where your feet, hands, fingers, and head are in space. You literally may not be in touch with where your body is relative to the earth and objects around you. Without grounding in the body, it is impossible to know with certainty what you want at any given time. When you don’t keep grounded, what is lost is not just awareness of the body but a sense of being real. When our contact with the earth beneath us is limited, it’s hard to know where we stand, metaphorically as well as physically. The result is an uneasy feeling of continually being off-balance and having to hold ourselves up through sheer will. Letting go would feel like a fall into oblivion. Grounding begins by being aware of the entire body. We need to be conscious of what is happening within ourselves when we are still, as much as while we are moving through space and time. Awareness means knowing what we are doing when we do it, and feeling it while doing it. Just floating in the experience allows for what has been called an “existential drift,” an immediate here-now awareness. this existential drift provides a much-needed beak from the stresses of the social world and has a way of putting things into perspective. We are reminded, if only for a little while, of what matters and what does not. Against the backdrop of just being alive and fully in the world, crises take on a different perspective. ~Rita Justice

sink into deep waters and then rise back up……no grasping…..only floating…, in the stillness before the next breath, we know all that we need to know…..

Living never wore me out so much as the effort not to live. ~Anais Nin

the sun comes up

One of the reasons that we try so hard to hold ourselves up and in is because we don’t feel held by something greater. This brings us to the issue of trusting life, no matter what. Some call this trust faith, but faith usually means believing in something. Trust is not based on a belief. Rather, it is a felt sense of being held by a benevolent presence or field that is greater than the little me. trust allows us to let go. This is not a trust that things will go as we want. Rather, it is a trust that life will unfold as it needs to. ~John Prendergast

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