awakening color

1-DSC08682 2

I find my bearings where I become lost.

~Helene Cixous

an impasse in the heart can be healed through the flow of color and light and texture and movement……listen here…….

Intuition is a natural ability; a means of discovery, problem solving, and decision making; and a key part of the creative process. It is not rare or accidental but is something we can call on in everyday life. When we are able to call on intuition and combine it with creative work, we have the opportunity to bring forth images and symbols that deliver guidance from the soul’s palette. Sometimes it whispers its wisdom, and at other times it bellows at us to trust in what we believe and in what we feel we must do. When intuition calls you, you are being asked to use your creativity and imagination to understand and embrace its message. ~Cathy Malchiodi

poetics of creation

The heart of all creativity is the awakening and flowering of individuality. The mystery and magic of being an individual is to live life in response to the deep call within, the call to become who we were dreamed to be. In primal terms, it is the call to discover and realize the divine blueprint in the soul. Freedom is not simply the absence of necessity; it is the poise of soul at one with a life which honors and engages its creative possibility. ~John O’Donohue

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