that deep sense of expectation

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Life leads us at a certain moment to step beyond the dualisms to which we have been educated: primitive and civilized, chaos and order, abnormal and normal, private and public, verbal and non-verbal, conventional and far-out, good and bad. To transform our tuitions, as Emerson called our learning, into the body of our intuitions so that we may use this body as in pottery we use our clay. By an act of centering we resolve the oppositions in a single experience. When the sense of life in the individual is in touch with the life-power in the universe, its turning with it, he senses himself as potentially whole. And he senses all his struggles as efforts toward that wholeness. And he senses that wholeness as implicit in every part. ~M.C. Richards

getting in touch, in tune, in flow…..touch….hold……sway……be here…….

The greening of the self helps us to reinhabit time and own our story as life on Earth. We were present in the primal flaring forth, and in th erains that streamed down on this still-molten planet, and in the primordial seas. In our mother’s womb we remembered that journey, wearing vestigial gills and tail and fins for hands. Beneath the outer layers of our neocortex and what we learned in school, that story is in us- the story of a deep kinship with all life, bringing strengths that we never imagines. When we claim this story as our innermost sense of who we are, a gladness comes that will help us to survive. ~Joanna Macy

I forgot how

Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all human perception,

and is a repetition in the finite mind

of the eternal act of creation

in the infinite I Am.

~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

2 thoughts on “that deep sense of expectation

  1. The greening of the self … The letting go of trying to become, and instead allowing life to bloom into being through our recognition of our connection to all that is and ever was…

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