never missing the chance to heal


Seeing All Beings As Your Teachers

Picture or imagine that this earth is filled with millions of teachers, Buddhas, wise beings. Imagine that every single being you encounter is enlightened, except for one – yourself! Imagine that they are all here to teach you. Whoever you encounter is acting as they do for your benefit, to provide just the teachings and difficulties you need in order to awaken perfect patience, equanimity, courage, compassion and love. See what lessons they each offer you. You have a lot to learn about love and presence, tolerance and courage from each encounter with them. Honor each as a teacher and inwardly thank them for this.Take a day or a week to noticed the enlightened teachers all around.

Notice how it changes your whole perspective on life. ~Jack Kornfield

nothing so humbling as pure generosity and genuine heart……..who is whole? what does it mean to resist the truth of who we are? how can we grow toward honesty?

The starting point in bodywork is always the physical experience itself. But many individuals also look for- and find a model outside themselves by observing nature and imitating its movements. This was the case with Isadora Duncan, who studied the flight of birds, the dance of elephants, and the movements of the clouds in the wind, of waves, of swaying trees, of blooming flowers: “These flowers before me contain the dream of a dance, it could be named ‘the light falling on white flowers.’ A dance that would be a subtle translation of the light and the whiteness. S pure, so strong, that people would say: it is a soul we are moving, a soul that has reached the light and found the whiteness.” ~Pierro Ferrucci

finding the mystics

When speaking of social and self-transcendence we are talking primarily of that life-movement that is tending toward authenticity. The individual is shedding rigid, false attitudes, culturally imposed beliefs and illusions. Be assured that such shedding cannot be identified by how life “looks” externally. No mood making, postures of saintliness, no overt acts of charity qualify us as authentic. The point of that genuineness is this: that whoever finds out what is, at the heart, good and virtuous and holds fast to it becomes whole. ~Marsha Sinetar

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