discover a greater capacity


The further you are on your path, the more likely it is that you will find significant, often painful blind spots and become aware of deeper, stronger but possibly more subtle pathologies. All the work you have done until now has been preparing you and making you strong enough to deal with the next and bigger challenge, the one you weren’t ready to deal with before. As we’ve already discussed, your mind protects you from things you aren’t ready for yet, so it reasons that the more you develop, the more advanced you become in your training, the more you are able to deal with. Don’t be discouraged by this dynamic. This doesn’t mean that life has to be a constant, never ending series of bigger challenges that stretch us to our limits and push us to go that much deeper into our core. We don’t have to go from climbing one steep mountain to the next. There are beautiful valleys at high elevations we can spend time in, and we might decide to stay for a while on a peaceful plateau with fantastic views, consolidating and enjoying the benefits of our past efforts. ~Edward Mannix

those sorrows mean something…..from there, doorways reveal unknown inner compassion……

The visionary perceives possibilities, envisions wholeness and embodies the quality of clarity. One who has attained stability of attention and experienced inner stillness may access a transformative vision of human possibility. Spiritual vision inspires and informs all activities of the spiritual warrior, the healer and the teacher and perceives the relationship of the archetypes to each other. Vision is the faculty of perception that sees opposites in relationship to each other and infuses human life with a sense of meaning and purpose. Vision sees things as they are, by seeing through appearances and understanding the nature of illusion. ~Frances Vaughan

to plumb the depths

When we have passed beyond enjoyings, then we shall have Bliss.

Desire was the helper;

Desire is the bar.

~Sri Aurobindo

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