a subtle rapture

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The idea of understanding is linked to capture and containment, to a break in an ongoing flow of movement. As if understanding were a great tiger that we must take into custody and keep enclosed and tightly controlled. But- what if we were able to give up this way of understanding understanding and see it not as a captured stillness or singularity but rather as a momentary pause in an ongoing movement of unfolding, like a rest in a musical score, or a pause in a story, or a swirling eddy in an inexorable, ongoing river of meaning?

~Lisbeth Lipari

when we sense that what arises in us as untrustworthy, may we not push away, but inquire more deeply…..this honesty can help us to honor ourselves and all that at first may seem to be out of balance…..but really may be the gem that honors us right back, nourishes us, and reveals a little grace…..

Identifying with our body- mistaking it for our self- obscures the sense of inner space even more than identifying with our thoughts does. Just as open-mindedness allows for a greater sense of space, so, too does an open-bodiedness- the feeling of openness in and around the body. While the term open-bodied in not important, the experience of feeling open space in and around the body is. As we discover the value of tuning into the interior of our body, we also begin to realize that our body is not as solid as we imagine. It is, in fact, filled with space. ~John Prendergast

for what is alive

My sense is that we are biologically hooked up for the truth in the sense that as soon as we go into any illusion at all, the body has discord. Immediately it is sensed in the body. And to me that’s the way that the body is constantly telling us if we are in accord or out of accord with just the way things really are. For me, I see it as either sensing the truth of something, which has a certain feeling, or sensing the untruth, which is even easier because it is just some level of discord. ~Adyashanti

2 thoughts on “a subtle rapture

  1. In a sense kinesiology is the matter of knowing what words or circumstances make the body fell discord, feel out of balance… The picture of the stranger in the elevator, knowing and listening to the felling in the body tells us whether to take the ride or wait …

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