where we end & change begins


I don’t know where I end and You begin.

these white, clean moments of indestruction are really setting us up for change…..change that may not be clean, but real and direct and needed….

Nothing could appear, the word “appearance” would make no sense, if recipients of appearances did not exist- living creatures able to acknowledge, recognize, and react to- in flight or desire, approval or disapproval, blame or praise- what is not merely there but appears to them and is meant for their perception. In this world which we enter, appearing from a nowhere, and from which we disappear into a nowhere, Being and Appearing coincide. Nothing and nobody exists in this world whose very being does not presuppose a spectator. In other words, nothing that is, insofar as it appears, exists in the singular; everything that is meant to be perceived by somebody. Plurality is the law of the earth.

Virginia Woolf called this world of appearances “the cotton wool” and argued that behind it is hidden the true pattern of being. But, for Arendt, the cotton wool and the pattern are inseparable from one another:

This interplay of Being and Appearing, she argues, is what frames our very existence. In a sentiment that calls to mind Alan Lightman on why we yearn for immortality in a universe defined by impermanence and echoes Virginia Woolf’s observation of the elasticity of time, Arendt writes: “To be alive means to live in a world that preceded one’s own arrival and will survive one’s own departure. On this level of sheer being alive, appearance and disappearance, as they follow upon each other, are the primordial events, which as such mark out time, the time span between birth and death. The finite life span allotted to each living creature determines not merely its life expectancy but also its time experience; it provides the secret prototype for all time measurements no matter how far these then may transcend the allotted life span into past and future. Thus, the lived experience of the length of a year changes radically throughout our life. A year that to a five-year-old constitutes a full fifth of his existence must seem much longer than when it will constitute a mere twentieth or thirtieth of his time on earth. We all know how the years revolve quicker and quicker as we get older, until, with the approach of old age, they slow down again because we begin to measure them against the psychologically and somatically anticipated date of our departure.” ~brainpickings.org The Life of the Mind/Hanna Arendt

the wild wind

I say that it touches a man that his blood is sea water and his tears are salt, that the seed of his loins is scarcely different from the same cells in a seaweed, and that of stuff like his bones are coral made. I say that physical and biologic law lies down with him, and wakes when a child stirs in the womb, and that the sap in a tree, uprushing in the spring, and the smell of the loam, where the bacteria bestir themselves in darkness, and the path of the sun in the heaven, these are facts of first importance to his mental conclusions, and that a man who goes in no consciousness of them is a drifter and a dreamer, without a home or any contact with reality.
~Donald Culross Peattie

2 thoughts on “where we end & change begins

  1. I am often reminded of Jill Bolton’s TED talk – Stroke of Genius – in it she holds up a human brain and spinal cord as she speaks of her stroke and her perspectives of consciousness during that time… I look at us discussing our lives, emotions, connections, feelings, and I see those perceptions, appearances going on inside that bundle of nerves, truly believing it is real. Those organs of perception, create an appearance of a reality wholly separated from true form, yet chosen as necessary by the Spirit in order to know itself completely. Differentiation if not reality, it is only perception – change perception, and like the stroke victim the definition of reality changes. We stand under the stars, and do not see our connection, our oneness … There is an art to waking up … And isn’t art just that?

    • this is why change is always accessible…..and also why we forget…..and also why it’s “us & them as separate” and why it’s also “us & them as one”……art unfolding as soul creation g.f.s…..

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