from nowhere to here


Beyond the veils of language and the noise of activity, the most profound events of our lives take place in those fleeting moments where something else shines through, something that can never be fixed in language, something given as quietly as the gift of your next breath. Days and nights unfold in the confidence and continuity of sequence. Most days take no notice of us; but then every so often there is a moment when time seems to crystallize. A voice changes tone and deeper music becomes audible. A gaze holds and hidden presence is glimpsed. ~John O’Donohue

and then we called our ancestors so that we could know who we were and how to move on……

In hard times when you get distracted and reactive, stop. Breathe. Invite mindfulness. Mindfulness sees kindly, without reacting. You know how. ~Jack Kornfield


Who is your enemy? Mind is your enemy.

Who is your friend? Mind is your enemy.

~The Buddha


2 thoughts on “from nowhere to here

  1. Mindfulness, is a word that needs to be meditated upon, for there is so much depth to the concept – It is seeing all there is in a subject pf our attention – Through the through the thought and emotion, into the feeling and getting the feedback from our body, from the heart – minfullness implies a connection to mind, using the corollary then selfishness implies a connection to self …

    • this witnessing is far wiser than our thoughts behind it…..exactly opposite of analyzing……the parallel to living is observing……true self g.f.s…..

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