what the wise would say


I think the purpose of the human experience is for the soul to blossom in human form here on Earth. Little by little, the way the hundredth drop of water opens a seed, the rub of what is human against the days releases what is Divine. Within this journey, I plod some days like an ant so focused on the grain above my head that the next step holds all of life, and I feel in the lineage of slaves pushing the next stone up an unfinished pyramid. then, without reason, life billows with an unearned ease I can’t describe. When it leaves, like a breeze of Spirit, I feel renewed and certain that God is in both the moment of lift and the moment of ease, in the moment of pain and after. So I’ve given up wishing for ease and running from pain. Everything on Earth moves by this inching between ease and pain. It’s how we grow. And praising both, surrendering to both, accepting both is the work of love. ~Mark Nepo

to ruminate……to be clear……to shape and transform……..haunted by who we are…..and who we will be…..

No one can construct the bridge

upon which precisely you must cross the stream of you life,

but you.


our inborn nature

Forget conventionalisms: forget what the world thinks of you

stepping out of place; think your best thoughts,

speak your best words, work your best works,

looking to your own conscience for approval.

~Susan B. Anthony

2 thoughts on “what the wise would say

  1. To realize life has a ebb and flow like the tides, is to understand enlightenment is not a place but a state of being, a realization and acceptance that everything is as it should be, creation is our birthright, we should accept all of it as a blessing …

    • everything is as it should be is always so challenging isn’t it? and yet blessings abound always….in spite of the raging wars around us……..so many blessings g.f.s…..

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