under the happy face


The shadow is not an error, a failure, a flaw. It is a part of our nature, a portion of the natural order of who we are. And it is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be faced. The shadow connects us to our own imaginal depths. Shadow-work fuels our creativity, which in turn frees us from the grips of an archetype. And shadow-work links us with the ancestors and the unborn, with the commons and with other species. Our longing points the way to a fantasy image, which is hidden at the center of an archetype and compels us to follow it. It speaks to us of an unspoken need, an untold feeling, an unlived life. And in each case we can follow the golden thread down into the underworld, down to the realm of shadow, where we can uncover a lost god.  ~Connie Zweig

the little niches of our lives thread through each experience, weaving a unique soul print……under the obvious…look closely……

When we consciously approach the shadow, we examine a very powerful aspect of our personality that is almost universally shunned and avoided. And in this way, we enter the realm of paradox. Paradox is that artesian well of meaning we need so badly in our modern world. All the great myths give instructions on this subject and remind us that the treasure will be found in one of the least likely or popular places. In the inner life, what good could come from your own shadow? Strangely, the best can come from thi neglected quarter. Contradiction is barren and destructive, yet paradox is creative. It is a powerful embracing of reality. While contradiction is static and unproductive, paradox makes room for grace and mystery.  ~Robert Johnson

hidden rooms

Be Patient Where You Sit In The Dark. The Dawn Is Coming.

2 thoughts on “under the happy face

  1. Shadow work is one of the least understood concept in our souls expression. To say soul growth mis-characterizes what our purpose, our mission is. Our soul does not need to grow, our souls expression – the me – needs to come to a clear understanding, an enlightenment if you will, of purpose in existence, thus the shadow awakens to the light …

    • shadow work makes my head spin! but many truths emerge from the practical, heart-centered knowings……I love the idea you speak of that the shadow comes into the light….how amazingly true we can shift when we understand the continuum of gray from dark to light…….

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