as we count the days

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Some things are rushing into existence, others out of it. Some of what now exists is already gone. Change and flux constantly remake the world, just as the incessant progression of time remakes eternity.

We find ourselves in a river. Which of the things around us should we value when none of them can offer a firm foothold?

Like an attachment to a sparrow: we glimpse it and it’s gone.

And life itself: like the decoction of blood, the drawing in of air. We expel the power of breathing we drew in at birth (just yesterday or the day before), breathing it out like the air we exhale at each moment. The only thing that isn’t worthless: to live this life out truthfully and rightly. And be patient with those who don’t.

-Aurelius, trans. by Gregory Hays (

can we pause in our diatribes of living life and honor how we age and grow? can we be fascinated and curious? how do we shift into a trusting awareness?

We’re afraid of the unknown. It is a fact of recorded history, of psychology, of spirituality. As a result, all manner of myths have been created- and institutionalized- to make us forget that the world is uncertain. When this doesn’t work, we develop obsessive-compulsive disorders in order to perpetuate the illusion of control. Our best minds and our brightest souls continue to tell us otherwise, still the vast majority of us cling to an imaginary belief that certainty is possible. More profound than this, we humans continue en masse to operate under the illusion that certainty is desirable. To believe that flexibility, surprise, curiosity, spontaneity are not far superior qualities. This phenomenon of not having any true grasp of reality necessarily means that most of us are- in spite of all our beliefs, and quite often because of them- the secret harbor of our most debilitating delusions. And these delusions are snakes that feed on their own tails. It is the unspoken- even if minuscule- danger of the unknown; it is the possibilities of flowers, of color, of kisses, that makes life worth getting out of bed for, that moves us towards today and tomorrow. It is the search of that indescribable and almost invisible feeling of aliveness in all the little, daily unknowns that gives life purpose, meaning, depth, and feeling. So the next time you find yourself walking the razor’s edge between knowing and unknowing, don’t panic. What you’re feeling is simply the exhilaration of what might come next. It’s called life. Drink it up. That’s what it’s there for. ~Thomas Qualls

where the path meets the heart

To be lost is to be fully present.

~Rebecca Solnit

6 thoughts on “as we count the days

  1. Time, does measuring the flow of consciousness describe reality, or does it create a falsehood of tangibility and separateness? I have come to think of clocks as circular rulers, each hour like the shampoo instructions – lather, rinse, repeat … We believe we have to get it right, otherwise keep trying. We live in the middle of eternity – time, and distance in every direction, before us and behind us are the same – endless possibilities of choice. We must not abdicate free will.

  2. “honor how we age and grow.” Yes! I want to find time to create Ebenezers of words for those moments in my life when I encountered the Divine without and within.

    I also was awakened to new awareness by Solnit’s quote. Never thought of that before, but its truth strikes me powerfully. Good thing to hold in memory.

    As always you bring us treasures, blessings. Thank you.

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