the practice of discernment


Thanksgiving is a time to harvest, appreciate, and celebrate those things that have come to fruition in our lives during the year, in both external and internal ways. Perhaps a valued relationship has deepened. We may have seen a project through from idea to reality, become confident in a new skill, or noticed that we have integrated an important experience that has made us wiser. As we answer the question “What are you thankful for today?” it is important to appreciate the work we have done to bring us to this point in our journey. This is a time to celebrate our sustained intention and efforts, for they have borne fruit.  ~Angeles Arrien

there is an inevitable journey toward wholeness……allow these moments to be guides ad reminders to acknowledge the passing of time and all the things we create along the way……

We think to get what
we want is our destiny.
But to reach and miss
lets us land where we are.
This is the maturing of our
destiny. And landing there
lets the light in each moment
emanate like the sun. Holding
stones and pain and each other
in this light turns ambition
into being. The beauty of less
lets the seed of everything
sprout within us.

~Mark Nepo

and we can listen

List your blessings

and you will walk through those gates of thanksgiving

and into the fields of joy.

~Garrison Keillor

2 thoughts on “the practice of discernment

  1. We seldom realize our destiny as it is happening, it seems to only be apparent on reflection … Isn’t life a reflection of thought, and therefor our thoughts become our destiny ? Let us give thanks, and offer blessings for love and beauty, and the renewal our sacred contract to life …

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