how the pieces fall


Parabola: In the minds of most people, fate is what happens to you and destiny is your highest human potential. Two questions come up: First, does everyone have a destiny? Second, how do you see your special destiny?

LV-L: The soul comes into incarnation with a purpose, with an imprint- one would call it the destiny of the soul. The soul then aspires to attract the right environment to live out the destiny of the soul. For most people it’s a very broad canvas. The outline of the story
is there but the pages are left blank and there are different ways to live their destiny. For example: a friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles had a very domineering mother. One day she had a dream in which her mother said very clearly, “My destiny was to have five children. Your destiny is to realize the Truth.”

My friend is driven by another force that pushes her towards the Truth. We work with dreams, and she had a dream in which she met our teacher, Radha Mohan Lal, Irina Tweedie’s Indian teacher, and he held out his hand and there was a veil hanging from his hand. He lifted it for a moment and behind the veil there was so much light it made her blind, and then he dropped the veil and pointed to a dusty road and said that is the road you must travel to reach the light- that road was her destiny and also would take her to her destiny. Part of my work as a Sufi teacher, and the work that I have been trained to do, is that when somebody comes to this path, to recognize the destiny of their soul, the highest potential of the soul, and to help them to have the circumstances to enable that to be fulfilled. ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

right now, we long for something…..what is the moment-to-moment longing really about?… do we find alignment within all of that?….how much do we allow to be?

Oh, what’s the rush.
It takes a long time to clear emotional debris.
It takes a long time to peel off our armor.
It takes a long time to recognize our magnificence.
It takes a long time to heal our shame.
It takes a long time to explore our possibilities.
It takes a long time to find our voice.
It takes a long time to integrate our changes.
It takes a long time to learn the lessons that expand us.
It takes a long time to craft a life of purpose.
It’s a life long journey.
Rushing works against us.
Throw out the clocks- the soul has a timeline all its own.

~Jeff Brown

holding tension

But, if you have nothing at all to create,

then perhaps you create yourself.

~Carl Jung

2 thoughts on “how the pieces fall

  1. The point the Jung is making is so true, our thinking creates our destiny and our soul creates our experience from those archetypes … There is the magic of creation – does the body require any conscious thought to come into being? Some would call it god …

    • some would call it god…….this is why self compassion is the first step….to know god and then to invite awareness……..this may be destiny calling…..

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