integrity & grit

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Being Human

We’re born with an aftertaste of Oneness
and a thirst for weeds and earth, as the angel
deep within us needs our hands, to make a
dance of all this hurt. It has us reach beyond
our limits, till we love like a planet though
we’re constantly confused. We carry lightning
in a thimble of skin and bones and dreams.
We carry everything that matters in a plan
that doesn’t last, while the stars pulse
to fill us, the way a candle fills a room.

~Mark Nepo

what capacity for discernment is necessary to navigate the heart? the ego? the soul?

“So many people say that they want to become one with everything,” says Lee Lozowick, “but what they really mean is that they want to become one with everything pleasant and beautiful, with bliss and love. They do not really consider that the enlightenment they pursue means that they not only become one with all that is light, but also one with all the suffering that exists in the world, with all beings, on all levels.” Any authentic spiritual process takes the deep unconscious material within us- as well as all of our fundamental confusions and illusions about the human condition and the nature of mind- and brings it to the surface of our awareness, so we can see it for what it is and discover how to relate to it in an effective manner. This is a demanding and lengthy process that often brings us to our knees, at times leaving us wondering if ignorance really is bliss- while knowing that we could not return to the state of ignorance if we wanted to.  ~Mariana Caplan

what is practice?

Welcome is every organ and attribute of me,

and of any man hearty and clean

Not an inch nor a particle of an inch is vile,

and none shall be less familiar than the rest.

~Walt Whitman

2 thoughts on “integrity & grit

  1. This is the dichotomy of life, of living. Knowing, and acceptance of the truth, no matter its form. Manure is needed for our gardens, decay brings new life… No, we can ever undo knowledge. Aquarius, the water bearer empties her light into our willingness, we see the shadow as our journey unfolds.

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