grounded in sky


Although we humans have devised countless means for
eliciting self-transcendence, the impulse toward that experience
is a constant. We are, it seems, possessed of a
transcendent imperative.
  ~Andrew Cooper

we dig our heels in, so that we may lift higher… being full of these paradoxes and riddles allows us to feel the poetics……..

Rather than living a life of resistance and trying to disprove our basic situation of impermanence and change, we could contact the fundamental ambiguity and welcome it. We don’t like to think of ourselves as fixed and unchanging, but emotionally we’re very invested in it. We simply don’t want the frightening, uneasy discomfort of feeling groundless. We’re taught that if we want to experience the boundlessness of sky, we’ll need to get curious about these clouds. When we look deeply into the clouds, they fall apart, and there’s the expanse of sky. It never went anywhere. It has always been here, momentarily hidden from us by the fleeting, shifting clouds.  ~Pema Chodron

how to forget

This world- absolutely pure

As is. Behind the fear

Vulnerability. Behind that,

Sadness, then compassion

And behind that the vast sky.

~Rick Fields

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