a recalcitrant knowing


If you want to shrink something,

you must first allow it to expand.

If you want to get rid of something,

you must first allow it to flourish.

If you want to take something,

you must first allow it to be given.

This is called the subtle perception

of the way things are.

~Stephen Mitchell (tao te ching)

where function and purpose become defended through the body, through the breath, through the inherent wisdom of what is right here and now……

Taoism is a radical affirmation of the trustworthiness of creation. It takes precedence even over the wisdom we seek, because wisdom itself can be made into an idol, perverted and objectified in a way that fosters great harm. Whenever we think we have something we can clutch or grasp in certainty, there is danger. All spiritual traditions undercut our attachments and allegiances that we lean on for security, for these are the very things that lead us to defend, impose, and attack. Living and resting in the life we are given supports simplicity, understanding, satisfaction, and peace. By contrast, being clever, setting up codes of ethics, judging right and wrong, and making either/or decisions inevitably sets up dichotomy. Creation becomes divided against itself. Barriers are erected to the organic unfolding of what is needed. ~Greg Johanson & Ron Kurtz

entering experience

The divine spark
The gift of life
~Roderick MacIver

2 thoughts on “a recalcitrant knowing

  1. Truly the great dichotomy is the definition of our surroundings where ultimately, they become cherished processions of the mind … Universities continue to foster this. Where having an established knowledge base is fine, the leading edge should never be defined and ritualized so much that learning becomes only about facts and not wisdom …

    • we can’t know so much as experience…..trust in the inherent worth and “knowing” of body and mind….as it is today…always changing….this moment, the truest one…..

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