Christmas Moon

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No matter how small or old. Keep it clean so you can see what comes your way. When the lost bird flies into it looking for its mate, keep the feather stuck to the glass. Take it with you and dream of finding what completes you. At the edge of winter, open the window of your heart and see your breath, how what you bring up becomes the air. When you’re ready or pushed, close your eyes and the other window will appear, the one that faces all of time. What flies there never lands, but hovers, dropping seeds of infinity in the breaks we can’t heal. So open the window of your pain, though the whisperers tell you to nail it shut, and let in everything that’s ever lived. What flies and never lands has been waiting. Be brave. Don’t run. Let the fire around your window burn until you become the opening. ~Mark Nepo
a fine Christmas day sparkles around all of the tarnished bits and makes them light up in a new way…..honor these seemingly naive moments and consider them magical….renew…..replenish….reignite…..
The underlying depth below our surface approach waits for us like an invitation and a reproach, an ocean seen from a cliff, another life, informing this life, on the one hand, a spur to boldness and a deeper participation when we realize how much in this life the other life breathes, or on the other, if distanced into the abstract, a source of shame, a life unbraved, unlived, misunderstood, no matter how much it whispered conspiratorially in our ears. A parallel life we wished could be our own.  ~David Whyte

View this time as a chance to take a peek in your own “magic mirror” and ask yourself what it is you are reflecting into your reality. Are you reflecting who you really are, or who you think you should be?  Are you reflecting love, or lack? Are you reflecting your highest hopes, or are you deepening your darkness? If you find your “reflection” brings about feelings of fear or anxiety, do not run from the dark that may present itself – reconcile it with light, and give love to where you may feel lack. The spiritual “veil” is very thin during this period, and with heightened intuition – it may be overwhelming at times. However, the same ability to feel all energies, including the dense ones, can also be used to bathe in the light – so choose up, not down. Trust your instincts, and let love fuel the power of what you will.

It is absolutely imperative that you vibrate at the highest level as this moon cycle comes and passes, and our best advice is to take some time to meditate with this powerful incantation, which allow light to be ever present, so you may reflect your highest self, and spread that light into our world.  ~Jennifer Sodini

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