humbled once again

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Days and months are the travelers of eternity. So are the years that pass by. . . . I myself have been tempted for a long time by the cloud-moving wind–filled with a strong desire to wander. . . .
I walked through mists and clouds, breathing the thin air of high altitudes and stepping on slippery ice and snow, till at last through a gateway of clouds, as it seemed, to the very paths of the sun and moon.
I reached the summit, completely out of breath and nearly frozen to death. Presently the sun went down and the moon rose glistening in the sky.

we can’t always get by with our usual groundedness……sometimes we have to rely on bravado and grit…..this is when it gets real interesting……..but not so real…….come back to the down and dirty reality……

Light cannot be seen without shade.
Shade cannot be seen without light.
By moonlight, we see in black and white. We cannot
see colors. There is something fascinating and
valuable about seeing the world that way. We see
only what is essential. We see form emerging from
a sea of blackness. We can look at the world so
familiar by daylight and see it anew in the black
and white of moonlight.
You see yin and yang. . . .
The day warms, the night cools. The sun moves over a
hill, changing the face from brightness to shadow.
Stand in the middle of a forest and watch all the
shadows and sunlight shift second by second.
You see yin and yang.
~Deng Ming-Dao

and the lost prayer finds me

I come back to my faith in our longing. Not the grasping fear-driven craving, not the compulsive, addictive reaching for something else. . . but the longing. . . the sweet ache at the centre of what we are, the heart/soul knowing that is beyond words. That blood red thread of longing runs through the centre of every life, every ensouled body, every heart. If we let it guide us. . . . .well, there’s no telling what might happen then.   ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

4 thoughts on “humbled once again

  1. Can relate to part of seeing more definition in black and white…..I have always loved how we can see the actual contours of the land so much better under a thick snowfall. (I am looking out at a hill with woods covered in snow as I write.) And as always, Oriah Mountain Dreamer speaks to my “condition.” Thanks again for you efforts and your discernment in choosing quotes.

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