stories & clouds



The very effort to ‘become’ is a barrier- because you are already carrying your being with you. You need not become anything- simply realize who you are, that’s all. Simply realize who is hidden within you.   ~osho

from the space of vigilance….can we then practice like the cloud practices?….reverence for the boundaries that have been forgotten…..the boundaries of us……let them be…..

People often ask how life can be good, how there can be a God, if tragedy is part of it. Maybe an answer eludes them because they are looking for logic. They need to consider the beauty of a human life as an important value. Then they might begin to understand the role of the tragic and see how suffering can b redeemed. The misfortunes, the failures, and the imperfections give life its contours and make it unique, an important ingredient in the beautiful.   ~Thomas Moore

whisper into the wind

When the space between us is made safe for the soul by truthful speaking and receptive listening, we are able to speak truth in a particularly powerful form- a form that goes deeper than our opinions, ideas, and beliefs. I mean the truth that emerges as we tell the stories of our lives. As the writer Barry Lopez has noted, truth cannot “be reduced to aphorism or formulas. It is something alive and unpronounceable. Story creates an atmosphere in which truth becomes discernible as a pattern.” Storytelling has always been at the heart of being human because it serves some of our most basic needs: passing along our traditions, confessing failings, healing wounds, engendering hope, strengthening our sense of community. Because our stories make us vulnerable to being fixed, exploited, dismissed, or ignored, we have learned to tell them guardedly or not at all. Instead of telling our vulnerable stories, we seek safety in abstractions, speaking to each other about our opinions, ideas, and beliefs rather than about our lives. Academic culture blesses this practice by insisting that the more abstract our speech, the more likely we are to touch the universal truths that unite us. But what happens is exactly the reverse: as our discourse becomes more abstract, the less connected we feel.  ~Parker J. Palmer


4 thoughts on “stories & clouds

  1. “Simply realize who is within you. Tell your story. The more abstract we become the less connected we feel.” Oh, this is such a problem for me. I explore the world through concepts and connections. I respond from emotions. It feels so much safer to stay abstract.

    My writing doesn’t get much response because I tell, instead of showing. Not sure I can be vulnerable enough to tell it like I’ve lived it.

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