well-placed mirrors



A man must wrestle till the dark center,

that is shut up close, break open,

and the spark lying therein kindle.

~Jacob Boehme

where we see opposites….where we are torn down to the essentials….where black and white are tangled and become mud……where our intentions unravel…..

I don’t know where

such certainty comes from-

the brave flesh

or the theater of the mind-

but if I had to guess

I would say that only

what the soul is supposed to be

could send us forth

with such cheer.

~Mary Oliver

all of those imperfections

All beautiful states are paradoxical. The higher you go, the deeper you go into the paradox of reality. Supreme action with supreme relaxation- on the surface great action is happening, in the depth nothing is happening, or only nothing is happening. Yielding to a power not your own, surrendering to a power that is beyond you, is creativity. Meditation is creativity. And when the ego disappears the wound in you disappears; you are healed, you are whole. Consciousness is not a thing, it is a process- and we have made it a thing. The moment you call it “I” it becomes a thing- defined, bounded, dormant, stagnant, and you start dying. When you are creative, you are already that which you always wanted to be.   ~osho

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