to witness this life



Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you,

As a fish out of water hears the waves. Come back. Come back.

This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.


we distance ourselves from our own heart when we succumb to power struggles…….surrender while knowing……….surrender with kindness…..surrender with strength……

The great gift of the spiritual path is coming to trust that you can find a way to true refuge. You realize that you can start right where you are, in the midst of your life, and find peace in any circumstance. Even at those moments when the ground shakes terribly beneath you- when there’s a loss that will alter your life forever- you can still trust that you will find your way home. This is possible because you’ve touched the timeless love and awareness that are intrinsic to who you are.  ~Tara Brach

out of reach

Between the stimulus and the response there is a space and in that space lies our power and our freedom.   ~Victor Frankl

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