how we go on

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We were designed to journey through the full measure of beauty and sorrows in life and survive. When we come to understand the paradox that what we most value in our lives was often born out of conflict and struggle, we can begin to get a glimmer that perhaps one day we may begin to embrace our difficulties and give thanks for them, even if that day is not today.   ~Jack Kornfield

and from here……again……’s not really that we forget…’s that we unearthed another nuance……archetypal insights…..

In order to Create a New reality, you must get used to leaping in the dark (or as I call it, beautiful unknown).
Self-Doubt on the other hand, will always try to hold you back, because it fears you may fall. You move between the two on a daily basis, from your smallest to your greatest decisions.
But here’s the thing, if you weren’t ready, if you weren’t enough, you wouldn’t feel the desire to push through your comfort zone.
As my other wisdom grandpa, Ralph Waldo Emerson, put it,
“There’s nothing capricious in nature, and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feels it.” Your desire is your compass. It points your North.  Your higher self will never invite you on a mission, quest or experience you can’t handle.
You would simply not feel a desire to expand in one or more areas of you, if you weren’t both, ready and equipped with the power to handle it.
Trusting yourself is not about blindly following your heart without first getting to know it.
Trusting your self ultimately means trusting that your Higher Self, the Universe, your God, whatever names your spirit bears, is conspiring with you (not against you), to help you create the life you feel called to embody.
Trusting the gentle whispers of your intuition above all other noise. Trusting the lighthouse of your soul through any storm. Your existence is not random. If you are here, it means there was a universal demand for you.
Out of all odds there’s you and this desire, marking your heartbeats. What do you make of this? You trust. And then work to become the answer. Trust that there is a greater story at play, a cosmic script, a serendipity of which you are a part.
Take every opportunity life throws your way as chance to explore this desire, to grow and evolve in your mission.
Take every failure as a lesson. Recycle everything that happens to you into new reasons to push through. Use the whole of life to benefit your sacred purpose, and it will, in turn, benefit others.
That’s the beautiful thing about following your call, even despite your fear…
… that whatever you do, in truth, for yourself, will automatically become an act of freedom and empowerment to others.
It always works both ways. We are interconnected. My home, if I embody it, will help you find and be your home. How do you overcome Self-Doubt?  You don’t. You can’t. Like fear, your self-doubt is a healthy response to an uncertain situation.
You learn to use it to your benefit. To master it. To dance with it. To do the things you doubt and fear. Anyway.
You master Self-Doubt by first acknowledging it, and then by getting good at disagreeing with it and rebelling against it every day.
By fighting for your heart with creativity, until you finally believe that you were meant for more.
And then you claim this right and act on this belief, just like you brush your teeth, every damn day.
~Andrea Balt

from your perspective

The Winter of Listening

No one but me by the fire,
my hands burning
red in the palms while
the night wind carries
everything away outside.

All this petty worry
while the great cloak
of the sky grows dark
and intense
round every living thing.

All this trying
to know
who we are
and all this
wanting to know
what we must do.

What is precious
inside us does not
care to be known
by the mind
in ways that diminish
its presence.

What we strive for
in perfection
is not what turns us
into the lit angel
we desire.

What disturbs
and then nourishes
has everything
we need.

What we hate
in ourselves
is what we cannot know
in ourselves but
what is true to the pattern
does not need
to be explained.

Inside everyone
is a great shout of joy
waiting to be born.

~David Whyte

4 thoughts on “how we go on

  1. Self doubt is born with the ego, sometime long ago, in a place most won’t care to remember… Children rarely doubt, they want to soar like birds, sail the seven seas, conquer dragons … We get taught to play safe, to be reasonable, to stick to the well worn path … There is no well worn path to the stars! We must know fear is simply a guide for caution, not a signpost saying – Do not trespass, under penalty of last!

  2. What disturbs and then nourishes has everything we need.
    Inside of everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.

    Thanks……I needed those.

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