the phenomenology of intimacy



The mighty breath
Which gives life to all things
And in which all is bound up
Nurtures life, nurtures beauty
And somehow a mysterious harmony
~Roderick MacIver

and so slowly, we see the depths of our perceptions… being with the world around us… amazing and subtle and transient and pure……..

From the perspective of psyche, metaphor is the root of relatedness, the linking of things, events, and constellations of experience. When our senses are well tuned to affinities, metaphoric ways of seeing become deepened into ways of knowing. Metaphor is a way of being informed by the Other, recognizing and acknowledging the likeness with language. When we redirect our attention from the analytic mind to an intuitive form of sensing, we “see into,” as Goethe said. We develop “organs of perception” by recognizing the mountain for what it is, by letting it reveal itself, its essence with respect to our intuitive insight. The language is nonverbal, spacious, and born of how things really are.     ~Laura Sewall

keen, direct insight

Yes, I am going into the woods; I am going into the unity of all things.
~Hermann Hesse

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