under dreams

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The content and quality of our life depends on our awareness.

  ~Sharon Salzberg

can we allow a little more depth to our ruminations? to our wishes for sweeter days? to our more notable values?

Your imagination is where possibilities are created and explored. Aiming your imagination involves freeing yourself to envision what you want to achieve and then aligning that vision with your intention. Of course, one of the greatest challenges of life is figuring out how to enact our lofty intentions within everyday constraints. In other words, the challenge is not to “survive” within our constraints or interferences, but to design a passionate and creative output within them. When you direct your attention toward your purposeful intent, you find yourself serving what you love, and what you love serves you.    ~Dawna Markova

unfolding reticence

A bank of purple clouds

Against the pale blue-gray above the mountains

Darker with feathered borders descending

Perhaps rain is to come,

Perhaps it is falling deep in the mountains.


In its own frame of reference.

Not ours,

Its sky mind

Does not answer our questions

Or speak in our solitude.

Its cloud thought

Does not articulate

Need or time.


The lover turns her back.

Her long beautiful spine,

Pale soft skin.

She puts on her robe

And leaves the room.

~Douglas Penick

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