who we really are


Work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart work.


when we remember who we are, we cannot cling to the hurtful ways we trap ourselves into resistance…….

James Hillman, one of America’s wisest psychologists, says that the goal of the psychological search should be to dig deep in the soil of life to find our essence, our soul. It’s there, just as the original acorn that spawned the might oak is still there in the tree’s roots, in the bark, in every leaf. Within each one of us is the acorn, the soul see, the germ of our unique genius and destiny. “Despite early injury,” he writes, “and all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we bear from the start the image of a definite individual character with some enduring traits. The Romans named it your genius, the Greeks, your daimon, and the Christians your guardian angel. The Romantics, like Keats, said the call comes from the heart.”  ~Elizabeth Lesser

where we remain

Realize how precious human life is and arouse a deep wish to draw out its quintessential qualities. Your human intelligence is an extremely powerful tool that can create great benefits or horrible disasters. Use it to achieve the gradual elimination of suffering and to discover genuine happiness, not only for yourself but also for those around you. In this way, every moment that passes will be worth living and you will have no regrets.  ~Matthieu Ricard

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