where time meets living



The work of aging people is not just for older people. Younger people grow up without a model, really, of what wise aging looks like. Children now are so quickly put into the framework of doing instead of being. They have to start reading earlier and worrying about getting into college by the time they’re in 4th grade. It’s very stressful. Older generations can show everyone how to live life i the present and how to spend time cultivating an inner life. It just so happens that the keys to aging well are also the things that are important all through your life: really paying attention to relationships. working on forgiveness, letting go of resentment and working on developing an inner life. Many older people get caught up because they don’t have an inner life. Because they also didn’t have good models, older people now also don’t know how to be in any mode other that the doing mode. You start to get older the moment you’re born. So why not start to prepare yourself for living a life of cultivating wisdom and insight? You’re going to want to have a spiritual life in place when things get hard. And thing s get hard when you get older.  ~Rabbi Rachel Cowan

oh, we so want and need and give and try and do……..but none of that is really it, is it?

The common factor in each relationship you have is- you. When you look at yourself you start becoming aware of the patterns and issues you carry into different situations and all the different roles you play- lover, partner, parent, child, employee, and so on. When you look within- and you start asking yourself Who am I/? or What is my purpose?- you become aware that you have a deep source of love. Then you can start relating to people from a space of fullness rather than lack or need. As this happens, you also develop the skills to handle yourself in any relationship. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Know that the highest flowering in life is being in love. Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence.” Recognizing the spirit within yourself and others is what love is ultimately about.   ~Mona Shah Joshi

where did our life move to?

I think life has direction: moving toward ever-higher levels of consciousness and ever more inclusive levels of compassion and justice. Life becomes meaningful when it evolves species with the capacity to make meaning. On earth humans are that species. So yes, life has meaning because we humans are meaning makers.   ~Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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